* Contemporary.

We would like to give an understanding of what kinds of arts we represent. Not in disrespect to any artist or genre, which we might not consider, but our focus is defined.

Outstanding. Powerful.

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Size and material does not matter.

Firstly, does it tell something? Can you connect with it?

Conceptual art has often involved photography.

Some artists did not describe themselves as photographers, instead saying that photography is just a playground.

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By definition, if one chooses to accept that all of the sculpture, installations, any type of artwork that can be touched or seen from all sides, is three-dimensional art, then we can say 3D art is as old as the art itself.

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Common sense; anything is possible.

Only the imagination of the artist sets the limit.

Outstanding creations and designs, meant to be used.

Usually in unlimited editions, but each piece is unique, because it is not produced with a manufacturing process.

Although, the same moulds will be used, but the finishing is never the absolutely same.



Contemporary art is produced at the present period in time.

Therefore the definition of what is contemporary is naturally always on the move, anchored in the present with a start date that moves forward.

Simply speaking, the creator of the work is most likely still an active artist.